Midweek World Cup Qualifiers Dartthrow

Dartthrow.com.au is essentially a tool to help our loyal followers find gold nuggets every weekend.

The dartthrow was born on the back of one good collect and it provides Dartthrower with happy memories every day.

Don’t miss our selections every week as you will be kicking yourself if you miss out.

Dartthrow Selections

Romania– at $2.15 to win v Turkey to remain in the playoff spot for WCQ

Ecuador – at $2.30 should be too strong for Bolivia and cement their spot in WCQ

Uruguay – to draw with just about qualified Columbia @ $3.20

Venzuela – at $2 to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot v Asian opponent to get to Brazil

Argentina – to win away to Paraguay @ $1.75 and qualify for Brazil

Odds 100/1

Score Dartthrow

Venezuela 1 v 0

Italy 1 v 0

Austria 0 v 0

Uruguay 1 v 1

Alternate Dartthrow

Macedonia draw

Wales draw

Austraia draw

Ukraine draw



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