Dartthrow Selections 13/5/2016

Boro let us down last week in the 5-leg all-up but Dartthrower was so upset with this result given their dominance, Dartthrower had a saver on the Sunderland/Southamption/Nice and Lyon all up.


Nice way to get over the Boro heartache!!

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Selections This Week (indicative prices as published by William Hill):

Here are the selections for this week:

Leicester @ $3.4o to beat Chelsea away and continue their fairytale and end the season on a high.
Roma @ $2.20 to win away to disappointing AC Milan.
Lazio @ $2.30 looks the value of the weekend v Fiorentina who can’t improve their position on the ladder in the final game of Serie A.
Nice @ $1.83 to beat Guichamp after their strong win last week
Reims @ $3.40 is the darthrow of the week as Lyon have swen up 2nd spot in Ligue 1 so can afford to slip up on the final day.

Odds 80/1

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Mary Dartthrow


+3.5 Goal Dartthrow

Arsenal v Villa
Chelsea v Leicester
Everton v Norwich
Stoke v West Ham
Swansea v Man City

Scores 1

Arsenal v Villa SNQ
Souths v Palace SNQ

Scores 2

Newcastle 1 v1
Watford 1 v 0
West Brom 0 v 0
Napoli SNQ

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