Dartthrow Selections 06/09/2013

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The dartthrow was born on the back of one good collect and it provides Dartthrower with happy memories every day.

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Dartthrow Selections

Peru – at $2.50 to win v Uruguay at home to stay in the hunt for the 5th place WC playoff.

Jordan – at $2.35 to win in their playoff game who are very strong at home and should win first leg

Croatia – to win away @ $2.60 to rivals Serbia who have gone off the boil after a promising WC  campaign

Poland – at $1.90 to beat current leaders Montenegro

Ireland –  to draw @ $3.30 with Sweden after drawing in their first encounter

Odds 100/1

Score Dartthrow

France 1 v 0

Italy 1 v 0

Poland 1 v 0

Belgium 1 v 0

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Slovenia draw



The Katara

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