Dartthrow Selections 05/07/2013

Dartthrow.com.au is essentially a tool to help our loyal followers find gold nuggets every weekend.

The dartthrow was born on the back of one good collect and it provides Dartthrower with happy memories every day.


Dartthrower is  on sabbatical as all soccer fixtures are off due to the off season. He may appear for a cameo appearance with any friendlies or international fixtures. This week only The Katara is featured.

The Katara also has very limited fixtures for a combination.

Good luck!


The Katara

Tigers to WIN Over 6.5 pts v Sharks (TriBet)
Cowboys to WIN Over 6.5 pts v Raiders (TriBet)
Panthers to WIN 13+ v Titans (Margins)
Collingwood to WIN with +30.5 pts v Carlton (SuperLine)
Gold Coast to WIN Over 15.5 pts v Brisbane (TriBet)
West Coast to WIN Over 15.5 pts v Adelaide (Tribet)
Port Adelaide to WIN Over 15.5 pts v Essendon (TriBet)

$9,364 for $1 Investment